Saturday, September 30, 2006


It was a beautiful day for a football game! I LOVE fall weather, and it was a wonderful day, weather-wise, here in Durham. But alas, it was not a pretty day on the Duke football field. The Blue Devils lost by 37 points. :-( I feel like one day the program will find the winning ticket, but Duke is now 0-3. Not there yet.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend plans

Mom dropped off 2 extra tickets to the Duke-UVA football game that she and Dad won't be using tomorrow. I'd planned to stay close to home and clean tomorrow, but going to the game, for a while anyway, sounds like a nice way to spend part of the afternoon. The weather forecast looks great! Dad says that while the University of Virginia is expected to win, the spread is only 6 points, so we'll see how Duke does.

George and I will probably explore apartments in the area Sunday afternoon, after going to church at ERUUF in the morning.

Meanwhile, I need to continue working on my own apartment. I'm on a mission to clear the clutter, seen and unseen. (I must include clutter in the closets and drawers....that counts too! If I have to pack or toss it come next June when I move, I'm wanting to get a head start on it now.)

One Size Fits All

Last night, Mom brought me a nightshirt she bought me on their recent trip to Las Vegas. The tag inside said, "One Size Fits All." Well, guess what. I tried it on after she left, and it sure doesn't fit me yet! It's tight from my chest to my tail. *sigh* I'm so looking forward to being able to fit into normal clothes, and shop at normal stores rather than plus size stores.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Food obsession?

Okay, I think I've gotten a little obsessed with food.

Eventhough I'm still on the Rice Diet, and eating my meals at the Rice House, I've been scanning the web for area restaurants online, to see if there's anything I'll be able to eat once I'm away from the Rice House. I get a kick out of finding menus online. Asian restaurants may be my best bet overall, since several offer steamed rice as well as steamed vegetables. Today I looked up the menu for Red Robin, which is new to Durham. I used to enjoy the nearby High Point location a lot when I lived in Greensboro. Now, Red Robin is known for their burgers. I did find a grilled salmon burger on the menu, which could be interesting. There's also a veggie burger, and a vegetarian rice bowl dish on the entree side.

I am planning to eat at home most of the time, so I'm collecting recipes when I can. There are a lot of recipes out there on the internet, so I'm leaning heavy toward vegetarian and vegan ideas. One website I discovered today is My Vegetarian Recipe of the Day. I saw a yummy looking veggie jambalaya recipe on there, which I saved to an online cookbook I've created at My Cookbook on the internet. I've also added some low-sodium and veggie cookbooks to my wishlist on Amazon, so that I can remember the cookbooks I've come across that look good to me. I'm really looking forward to honing my cooking skills.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next goal hit!

This morning at Rice Diet check-in, I found out I'm down 30 lbs! I'm excited about that, especially since, added to the weight I lost before I started the Rice Diet, I'm now down 50 lbs. Funny, I don't really see that much loss when I look at myself, but the scales don't lie. Some of my clothes are getting looser, but not enough to buy new clothes yet. One would think I'd be there already, but I bet the fact that most of my clothes are "stretchy" has something to do with it.

I got some extra sleep last night, and it's amazing how much more refreshed I feel today. George is on a kick to get to bed earlier on a regular basis, and I think he's on to something.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Food cravings

I was just reading the most recent journal entry for Steve Vaught, the man who walked across America last year to lose weight. He's back home now, and in his online journal entry from last week, he talks about how eating comfort food now makes you "feel better" in the short term, while eating responsibly doesn't always have that immediate "feel good" physical response. That's something I need to deal with as I cope with daily weigh-ins at the Rice House. The scales may not always do what I'd like, even with staying on the program and exercising. I need to keep the end goal in mind, even when that seems a long way away.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rosh Hashanah

This morning, George and I joined his family at the synagogue in Raleigh for Rosh Hashanah. We didn't stay for the whole service, but got there in time for part of the readings, the blowing of the shofar, and the sermon. The new rabbi's sermon message was very good, and was a good speaker.

We enjoyed spending time with George's family Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Friday night was for supper, and I took my Rice Diet food with me, heated it up there and put it on the plate. Saturday afternoon was a lunch affair, but we hit it after everyone had eaten, but before anyone had left. Just right for me! It was great to visit with everyone.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Food choices

I received an email post from a Yahoo health-related group I belong to, and the poster mentioned that she was eating Chick-Fil-A while composing her email. It was interesting that she mentioned it and said she could eat anything she wanted, as long as it was in moderation. That statement made me realize how my thought processes have changed in the last six weeks. I used to agree with that sentiment, but I don't anymore. There are some foods that are triggers for me. I don't think I could eat just a little bit of some foods, so I'd rather just avoid them whenever possible now! Of course, I'm still eating at the Rice House, which makes it easier for now. Later, though, I think I'll be trying to stay away from meat and dairy as much as possible, and sweets and desserts--just don't need them! Not worth the calories. If I'm in a social situation where I have to eat something or somewhere I wouldn't pick myself, I'll just make the best choices I can, and eat at my new normal the rest of the time.

I'm looking at the Chick-Fil-A website now, and the nutritional information is enlightening! The classic chicken sandwich with a wheat bun 1370 mg of sodium, more sodium than I have in a whole day right now!The chicken salad sandwich has 880 mg of sodium, also more than I have in a day. A chicken filet without the bun has 990 mg of sodium--guess what! Even the Chicken Nuggets have more sodium than I'm eating in a day. I don't want to spend multiple days of sodium allowance at Chick-Fil-A! Not worth it!

TV-watching habits

I find that my TV watching habits have changed with my new weight-loss and exercise routine. I'm just not that interested in TV anymore, overall, and feel like I need to make higher quality choices in my limited time. Last night I decided to skip my night-time workout to rest (well, I WAS really tired!) and watch the second episode of the new "Survivor" season. I've rally enjoyed "Survivor" in the past, but I'm not hooked yet this season---and maybe I don't need to be! Anyway, that's what VCRs are for. I wish I'd taped it and gone on the gym, even for a light workout.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Outer Banks

George and I are planning a trip for our anniversary in late October, and are thinking about the Outer Banks. I've been doing some research on the internet, and it's transformed into a multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet! It'll be interesting to see how the spreadsheet and our trip develop. I may end of sharing the list with Triangle Friends, the Yahoo group I moderate.

Meanwhile, I'm glad to see another season of The Biggest Loser starting, especially since I've made such progress on my own diet and exercise program.

Monday, September 18, 2006

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I came across this language quiz on Blogthings, and found it amusing! It reminded me of a conversation I had with my family a few weeks ago about the correct way to pronounce the word "caramel." I'm okay with caramel (in MY opinion, anyway!), but apparently I still have a lot of Dixie in my vocabulary!

Your Linguistic Profile:
45% General American English
40% Dixie
10% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern


I decided to pick a pro football team and try to learn more about football. In college football, I pull for Duke, but they've won few games in recent years. I will always pull for them, as long as they have a clean program, but....I decided to broaden my football horizons a bit! So, I picked the closest professional team to me, the Carolina Panthers. I watched part of their TV game yesterday afternoon. Just like the Duke Blue Devils, they have yet to post a win this season. :-( The Panthers have been a decent team in recent years, so I'm hopeful they'll turn things around. )

I have loved football season for as long as I remember. I love being outdoors on a crisp fall afternoon cheering for my favorite team! I used to enjoy the occasional tailgating, but will be on the lookout for healther food choices in the future.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Increasing exercise

George and I got up at 7 AM this morning to go to the gym! I exercised for an hour on the elliptical, and was wiped out but felt good. When I got to the check-in at the Rice House afterward, there was a note in the computer system from the doctor that he wants me to double my exercise efforts! Whew! So I'll be heading back to the gym tonight. I think I'll try to do my cadio workouts before work, and strength training at night, and see how that works.

After breakfast, George and I went to ERUUF. It had been a while since we'd been, so it was good to go and see people as well as soak up the service. I really like the new minister.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Feeling good

This morning, I got up and worked out a full hour before breakfast, as George and I have plans tonight to go to a public stargazing that the Duke Physics Department coordinates. (Looking forward to that!) It feels good to have all that exercise out of the way, in case I don't make it back to the gym tonight.

At check-in this morning, I was down in weight again (yippee!), but I thought my fasting blood suagrs would be a little lower for all the exercise. I'll stay focused, though, because all the exercise will help in the long run. Need to keep losing the weight!

I sat with Carrie from Portland at breakfast this morning, and we had a wonderful laugh together! :-) It was a great way to start the day!

I have an appointment with my primary care physician this afternoon. I'm looking forward to the appointment, as I think she'll be pleased with my progress.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


This morning during my workout (yes, I made it tot he gym in time for a 45-minute workout on the elliptical), it really hit me that the temporary pleasure of straying off the Rice Diet is rarely worth the setback and hard work to recover. It's really important for me to stay focused here, because getting the weight off is key to my diabetes improving. Taking insulin is important for now, but it's a drag. I will do it faithfully as long as I need it, but I would love for my health to improve to the point that I can stop the injections.

At breakfast, I sat with four people I didn't know yet. The Ricers are a bit of a transient group, people are always coming for various times and returning home, so the dynamics are changing. The people I sat in classes with during my first week are leaving soon, if they're even still around, so that bonding experience is gone. I still try to glean what I can from others at meal time. One of my favorite questions at supper is, "Did you attend any of the classes today?" I try not to be judgemental, but ask for information's sake.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I was relieved to step on the scales this morning and see I'd lost some weight! It's been an "interesting" few days on the Rice Diet, and I was starting to get a little discouraged. I'm feeling better about things today, though. Of course the weight loss helped. I also cut my workout short last night and went home and called a friend to catch up. She ran the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach over Labor Day Weekend, and I loved hearing about it! Hearing the story of her experience made me want to do the same thing!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reading and such

Well, I decided to put The Sound and the Fury aside for now and concentrate on the several unfinished books I have around the apartment. After struggling through the first several sections, I decided I don't have the patience for Faulkner just yet. With my focus on the Rice Diet and exercise, I feel the need for a different kind of reading pleasure. I hate to call it fluff that I'm looking for, as I'm still searching for a new favorite book. I'm looking for a better diversion than TV (which still makes me want to eat while I watch), but a less intense diversion than Faulker for the moment. :D

One of the books I'm working on finishing is The Sign of the Book, by John Dunning. The protagonist is a former police detective turned antiquarian book dealer. Since I love mysteries and books, I've enjoyed this particular run of books by Dunning a lot.

In other news, I worked out twice yesterday with minimal results for my weigh-in today, but I have high hopes for tomorrow's weigh-in. I do get discouraged sometimes with the daily weigh-ins, but I appreciate the close monitor and tracking of my blood pressure and fasting blood sugars. The weight will continue to come off as long as I stay on track.

One of the ladies at the Rice House, Jeannie, is leaving in a couple days, so she's been going around taking pictures, and getting names and addresses. She's been here for 3-4 months, so I can understand. It's a great place to network and make friends, when you're eating most of your meals with the same folks. I miss eating lunch there during the work week.

Jeannie and a fellow blogger, Melissa, have inspired me to keep my digital camera in my bag. Now I need to get the courage to use it more. That sounds funny, I know. I would like to chronicle my life a bit more fully, though. I've been thinking of doing the scrapbook thing as a creative outlet, and pictures would help with that. Love the digital camera, for being able to take pictures and edit/delete as I wish.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Another early morning workout

I had another good pre-breakfast workout this morning. I'm proud of myself for getting up early this morning (being Monday and all) and going to the gym. My fasting blood sugar and blod sugar were really good at morning check-in, so I know it's helping. My weight was a little up this morning, but I know what that's all about. I got off the Rice Diet wagon after my workout last night and picked up a grilled veggie burrito from Qdoba in Chapel Hill. It was delightful, but I was sorry I got it afterward. Guilt aside, the edge has been taken off my desire for illicit food, and I'm back on track now.

I checked Qdoba's website this morning for nutrional information, and will make an even better choice next time I go there...which will be a while! I was first introduced to Qdoba while working in Winston-Salem, and then Greensboro got one. I'm glad to see they've expanded to Chapel Hill and Raleigh, and would be happy to see them open up a franshise in Durham. Of course, there would be competition from Cosmic Cantina.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Apartment hunting

This afternoon, George and I went to babdy Talia's first birthday party at Phil and Heather's house. I took my lunch with me, though I missed eating Heather's yummy spread. I want to be able to eat like normal people, but I guess I'm going to have to redefine normal for me. I know that yummy, healthy foods are out there.

On the way home, George and I stopped and looked at a couple of apartment complexes. It was an interesting experience. We liked both places, but we liked the first one the best. It has a better fitness room, a nice balcony, fireplaces in 2nd and 3rd floor apartments, and cheaper rent. Both are in the Research Triangle Park area, one with a Morrisville address (the 1st one we liked better) and the other with a Raleigh address. We will continue looking.

George and I are going to work out soon (this evening). I gained a tenth of a pound according to the scales this morning, so I'm going for a loss in the morning. So far, I'm down 24.1 lbs, looking forward to hitting the 25 lb. mark.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

More weight loss

After a week of little significant movement in my weight, I finally made some headway, down 2.7 lbs since yesterday, and down 24.2 since August8. I stopped to talk to Dr. Neelon about my progress, and he suggested taking my bedtime insulin down by 2 more units, yay! He's pleased with my progress, and showed me some nifty graphs charting my progress. My hemaglobin A1c is charting the perfect course, and he says that if I continue doing what I'm doing, that figure (which charts an average of my blod sugars over about three previous months) should be at normal in about 70 days! That should mean no more insulin, which would be fantastic!

I completed my third pre-breakfast workout of the week this morning, and I think that is helong too.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Morning workout

This morning, for the second time this week, I got up and worked out before breakfast. It felt good...once I got going! ;-) I hope I can continue with the morning, and hopefully twice daily workouts.

I'm glad the weekend is here, and I'm hopeful about getting some rest, as well as some things done.

Last night I spent about an hour cleaning my apartment before my workout, and it felt great. I went through a pile of mail and papers, and threw a bunch of stuff away. I would love to get rid of the rest of the clutter in my apartment.

Sunday, George and I are going to Phil and Heather's house in Apex for Talia's first birthday party. Looking forward to that.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Busy yesterday

Yesterday I ended up working out twice, 35 minutes in the morning, before work, and another 30 minutes after my Junior League meeting. I was exhausted by the time I got home (around 10), though it was midnight before I got to bed. Today I didn't get up early as planned to go work out. I needed sleep!

I was down almost a pound this morning, 22.4 lbs in all. Tonight I'll try a little less insulin before bed, at the doctor's request. :-)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Morning workout

This morning I woke up early and got a 35 minute workout in at the gym. It feels great to have part of my workout already under my belt, especially since I have a Junior League meeting tonight.

It's interesting at the Rice House these days, being an old timer of sorts. People have left and new faces have joined the program. Some of the new faces are actually old timers who are returning, and they've been interested to hear I'm starting my second month on the program. I enjoy hearing their stories, and telling them mine.

George and I decided this morning that it's high time we went out on a date. Our lives have gotten so busy lately!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy weekend

I enjoyed this Labor Day weekend, but I wish I could have one more day, just to hang out in bed and read, rest, and just be a little lazy! But alas, I'm back at work, and will continue my workout schedule this evening.

We enjoyed the cookout (for Phil's 30th birthday) at Lake Crabtree on Sunday, though I was craving a hot dog for the rest of the day! Yesterday I got a manicure as a treat to myself for resisting the temptation. :-) Mom took me shoe shopping yesterday, to boot, and now I've got two new pairs of shoes to sport around in.

I ended my first month of the Rice Diet yesterday down 21.5 lbs! Can't wait to hit the 25 lb mark, perhaps later this week.

I've signed up for an online course though Barnes and Noble's B&N University called "Simplify Your Life Now." I hope it'll help me learn strategies for feeling less hectic. The book for the course looks like it'll be an interesting read. Assignments start today.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend update

George and I have had a pretty busy weekend. Last night we went to the Duke-Richmond football game. The evening weather was delightful (I can tell that fall weather is sneaking in, and I love it!), but Duke lost 13-0, a dissappointing start to teh season.

Today we went to Lake Crabtree in Cary, for Phil's 30th birthday party/cookout. It was a lovely day, and the food looked and smelled yummy! I took my Rice Diet lunch, which tasted fine, but I'm still feeling deprived of the hot dogs, hamburgers, and potato salad.

I have managed to exercise this weekend some this weekend, but not as much as usual. I missed working out on Friday altogether, but got in for 30 minutes yesterday. I'll work out more this evening. I'm still feeling deprived, but I need to get over it.

On the positive side, my hard work with the Rice Diet is paying off. I've lost 20.9 lbs so far, and the end of my first month is tomorrow. That's very encouraging, but I still have a long way to go.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Almost at another goal

This morning at check-in, I was down 19.9 lbs! If my body reacts in normal fashion, I wil stay the same tomorrow morning, or gain some of it back. Two days ago I was down 1.7 lbs, yesterday I gained 7/10 of a lb back, and today I was down 1.8 lbs from yesterday!

Meanwhile, I've started reading The Sound and the Fury. It's been a little hard to follow so far, but I hope to sink my teeth into it this weekend.