Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Are You Playing Pokemon Go?

Early last week, I downloaded the app for Pokémon Go, to see what the latest craze is all about. I didn't get into the original Pokémon craze, but I was intrigued by the augmented reality and GPS components of Pokémon Go.

My play started pretty slowly, but I've picked up the pace, as much as full-time work and other responsibilities will allow, and am up to level 13 now. Like others, this game has gotten me outside a bit more during the heat of summer, when I'm usually running from one air-conditioned place to another air-conditioned place. I've picked a team (Go Team Mystic!), and am catching the occasional new Pokémon. Mostly, the ones I catch are repeats these days, but part of the fun of the game is the anticipation of catching or evolving a different Pokémon to add to my PokeDex.

Will the gamehold my interest, long term? Good question! For now, though, I think it's pretty fun. I've joined a Pokémon Go Meetup group in my area, so it might be a way of meeting new people. I missed a recent event at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, where they opened it up for Pokémon Go players ("trainers") for a few hours on a weekend afternoon. I hope they do that again!