Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reading and such

Well, I decided to put The Sound and the Fury aside for now and concentrate on the several unfinished books I have around the apartment. After struggling through the first several sections, I decided I don't have the patience for Faulkner just yet. With my focus on the Rice Diet and exercise, I feel the need for a different kind of reading pleasure. I hate to call it fluff that I'm looking for, as I'm still searching for a new favorite book. I'm looking for a better diversion than TV (which still makes me want to eat while I watch), but a less intense diversion than Faulker for the moment. :D

One of the books I'm working on finishing is The Sign of the Book, by John Dunning. The protagonist is a former police detective turned antiquarian book dealer. Since I love mysteries and books, I've enjoyed this particular run of books by Dunning a lot.

In other news, I worked out twice yesterday with minimal results for my weigh-in today, but I have high hopes for tomorrow's weigh-in. I do get discouraged sometimes with the daily weigh-ins, but I appreciate the close monitor and tracking of my blood pressure and fasting blood sugars. The weight will continue to come off as long as I stay on track.

One of the ladies at the Rice House, Jeannie, is leaving in a couple days, so she's been going around taking pictures, and getting names and addresses. She's been here for 3-4 months, so I can understand. It's a great place to network and make friends, when you're eating most of your meals with the same folks. I miss eating lunch there during the work week.

Jeannie and a fellow blogger, Melissa, have inspired me to keep my digital camera in my bag. Now I need to get the courage to use it more. That sounds funny, I know. I would like to chronicle my life a bit more fully, though. I've been thinking of doing the scrapbook thing as a creative outlet, and pictures would help with that. Love the digital camera, for being able to take pictures and edit/delete as I wish.

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