Sunday, August 24, 2014

Celebrating 100 Years

Papa Saying a Few Words
Last night, friends and family of George's grandfather gathered at Rey's in Cary, NC, to celebrate George's grandfather's 100th birthday! It was quite a dinner party, with great music and yummy food! I saw a number of people I'd met before, but also met a number of new people. I was impressed by how many people Papa has met from various places. There was a great energy in the restaurant all evening!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Happy Spring!

2014 has been a busy one so far!

I'm so glad that Spring is finally here, since it's a season that makes me smile. It's not too hot yet, and I don't suffer from allergies to speak of. It's also a very busy time of year, though, both at work and in grad school, so I'm not enjoying the nice weather as much as I'd like.  The good news is that I plan to graduate from grad school in December, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to enjoy next year's spring even more!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Coming to a Close!

It's hard to believe that 2013 is almost over! While other blogs are taking up some of my limited free time, I decided it was time to update this blog a bit! Here are some highlights from the past year:

1) My dad has had two strokes in less than 6 months. Needless to say, this has added a lot of concern and stress to my family circle. My dad is still in rehab from the second stroke, which he had on Halloween, and he's getting better. My sister and I have had to consider several eldercare issues on an emergency basis, which has been challenging. It's made me want to take better care of myself and get more organized. Unfortunately, I haven't had as much time for either as I'd like.

2) I've completed three more courses toward a Masters in Library Science. One of them, Health Science Resources and Services, remains my all-time favorite, even though I had a mean case of poison ivy at the time. I hope to graduate this time next year.

3) I've finally taken up geocaching, thanks to the geocaching app I downloaded onto my iPhone. It's been a lot of fun, and I've met some nice people along the way.

4) My 2001 Honda Accord, with almost 180k  miles on it, has become a money syphon. I'm wondering if enough things have been replaced that it'll last a while longer, or if I should cut my losses and look for a newer car. I'm hoping to wait until after graduate school is over to decide.

5) This is the first year in several that I haven't done at least one 5K (or longer) race. I hope that will change in 2014. I miss running a lot.

6) Oh, I turned 50 this year (earlier this month)! I was so busy with school and my dad's stroke recovery that I didn't have too much time to worry about it! The birthday itself was a good one, as my coworkers helped me celebrate, with gifts, cards, and birthday cake, so sweet! My family (including my sister, both parents, a niece, and G.) went out to dinner with me at the Washington Duke Inn, which as a big treat! The next weekend, George and I went to Asheville to visit the Biltmore Estate, which was lovely!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2012 Belk Bowl

Bank of America Stadium
As you may know, I'm a Duke football fan, so George and I had the fun opportunity to go to the 2012 Belk Bowl over the Christmas break. Duke played the University of Cincinnati at the Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers. It was my first trip to a pro football stadium, and my first trip to a bowl game in many years.

Georg and Lesley
I reserved a space in a parking lot ahead of time, and we attended the pregame Duke tailgate, which was fun! The weather was nice, but cold for the 6:30 game. Even though Duke lost the game, we still had a fun time!

My pictures from the 2012 Belk Bowl are here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

George and I have had a busy, but fun stretch of celebrations this month!

First, we celebrated Hanukkah with his family over at Papa's house. Papa is 98 years old, the patriarch of their family. He really enjoys having the family fill his house, and it's fun, for sure. The kids are growing up so fast! We did something a little different this year for gift-giving. We each drew one person. I got George's mom, Tina, so we went to lunch at Mellow Mushroom, then to Paint Your Pot in Cary this past Saturday. It was a great time to catch up with her!

On Sunday, George and I threw a Festivus party! I was in the mood to host a Sunday night party, so I googled "December 23 holiday," and found out that it's Festivus, Who knew?! Great excuse to have people over, we decided!We cooked chili, and others brought food and flowers, and we played the original Trivial Pursuit. Fun times, great company! (Thanks to +Beth Bruch, +Nancy Mayer, and others for joining in the fun!)

Last night (Christmas Eve), George and I went to a Moravian Lovefeast at Christ the King Moravian Church. This is the second year in a row that we've gone to this service at Christ the King Moravian, so it feels like a tradition. It's such a nice service, with traditional Christmas hymns and readings, as well as the serving of coffee and buns, We really enjoyed it!

George, Lesley, & Marion
Today, George and I joined my Uncle Marion (who drove from Goldsboro) for brunch at Paparazzi, an Italian restaurant in Raleigh, for Christmas Day brunch. We had an 11:15 reservation, and didn't leave until nearly 3:00! Needless to say, we had a great time catching up and eating yummy food!

Once home, I called my parents in Alabama, and heard about their day. We wish we could've all been together, but it was great to hear their voices!

Tomorrow's a rest day for me, while George returns to work. It's been a great holiday season!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012

Today is Election Day across the country. It's a relief to many (including me) that it's finally here. I cast my ballot at an early voting location a couple of weeks ago, so I'm not part of the voting excitement today. (Since I'm home from work sick today, I'm kinda glad.)

This Presidential campaign season has had a different feel to it, at least for me. Part of it, for sure, is that I'm a lot busier than I was four years ago. I've added graduate school to my schedule, so I watch a lot less TV, and have less time to read newspapers and magazines for fun, so I didn't keep up through the primaries and final push like I did four years ago. It feels strange being so uninformed! But, I voted anyway, and I'm glad I did. It'll be interesting to see who wins.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Taking Better Care of Myself

After weeks (months?) of letting my health take a backseat, I went to a new-to-me doctor recently for a physical. I left with a pretty long list of marching orders that reminded me why I've been too busy to take better care of myself!

For starters, she told me to walk 15 minutes/day. It's been a good goal to stretch for, but some "old" running injuries (plantar fasciitis and a sore ankle) have flared up again. *sigh* She gave me a new blood glucose monitor, but the pharmacy has had difficulty getting me the correct test strips since running out of the samples that came in the monitor's box. She also wants me to buy a blood pressure monitor for home, but I've procrastinated after looking at the long list of possibilities on Amazon alone. (How do you know which one is best?! I think I'll look at the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for suggestions.)

The doctor also wants me to look into a diet program like Weight Watchers. I've done Weight Watchers before with some success, but always regaining later. My issue with WW now is that I don't have time for the meetings, which cost money (which I'm using to pay for grad school and otherwise trying to save!) to attend. Some would argue that the "group therapy" approach to weight loss is helpful (it often is!) and that paying for something adds an extra element of motivation to the effort. I've decided to go a different route though, returning to The website offers lots of information, teams (groups with similar interests), and a point system for clicking on different articles and such AND for fitness minutes. You earn virtual trophies for moving up the point ladder. The website also offers food, exercise, and weight tracking.

I've also made an appointment for my annual mammogram, always not-fun but oh, so important.

I return to the doctor in 2-3 weeks for a follow-up on her marching orders. How will I do? Stay tuned!