Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy weekend

I enjoyed this Labor Day weekend, but I wish I could have one more day, just to hang out in bed and read, rest, and just be a little lazy! But alas, I'm back at work, and will continue my workout schedule this evening.

We enjoyed the cookout (for Phil's 30th birthday) at Lake Crabtree on Sunday, though I was craving a hot dog for the rest of the day! Yesterday I got a manicure as a treat to myself for resisting the temptation. :-) Mom took me shoe shopping yesterday, to boot, and now I've got two new pairs of shoes to sport around in.

I ended my first month of the Rice Diet yesterday down 21.5 lbs! Can't wait to hit the 25 lb mark, perhaps later this week.

I've signed up for an online course though Barnes and Noble's B&N University called "Simplify Your Life Now." I hope it'll help me learn strategies for feeling less hectic. The book for the course looks like it'll be an interesting read. Assignments start today.

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