Friday, September 22, 2006

Food choices

I received an email post from a Yahoo health-related group I belong to, and the poster mentioned that she was eating Chick-Fil-A while composing her email. It was interesting that she mentioned it and said she could eat anything she wanted, as long as it was in moderation. That statement made me realize how my thought processes have changed in the last six weeks. I used to agree with that sentiment, but I don't anymore. There are some foods that are triggers for me. I don't think I could eat just a little bit of some foods, so I'd rather just avoid them whenever possible now! Of course, I'm still eating at the Rice House, which makes it easier for now. Later, though, I think I'll be trying to stay away from meat and dairy as much as possible, and sweets and desserts--just don't need them! Not worth the calories. If I'm in a social situation where I have to eat something or somewhere I wouldn't pick myself, I'll just make the best choices I can, and eat at my new normal the rest of the time.

I'm looking at the Chick-Fil-A website now, and the nutritional information is enlightening! The classic chicken sandwich with a wheat bun 1370 mg of sodium, more sodium than I have in a whole day right now!The chicken salad sandwich has 880 mg of sodium, also more than I have in a day. A chicken filet without the bun has 990 mg of sodium--guess what! Even the Chicken Nuggets have more sodium than I'm eating in a day. I don't want to spend multiple days of sodium allowance at Chick-Fil-A! Not worth it!

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