Saturday, September 09, 2006

More weight loss

After a week of little significant movement in my weight, I finally made some headway, down 2.7 lbs since yesterday, and down 24.2 since August8. I stopped to talk to Dr. Neelon about my progress, and he suggested taking my bedtime insulin down by 2 more units, yay! He's pleased with my progress, and showed me some nifty graphs charting my progress. My hemaglobin A1c is charting the perfect course, and he says that if I continue doing what I'm doing, that figure (which charts an average of my blod sugars over about three previous months) should be at normal in about 70 days! That should mean no more insulin, which would be fantastic!

I completed my third pre-breakfast workout of the week this morning, and I think that is helong too.

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