Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 on Tuesday-10 Simple Things That Make You Happy

Here's another meme from the weekly "10 on Tueday" email I receive, and it's a nice one to think about on a rainy Tuesday!

Here's a list of 10 simple things that make me happy. They're the first things that crossed my mind. Now that my brain is cranking, I keep thinking of more (not a bad thing)! These are in no particular order (although hugs and kisses from George remain high on the list on any given day, not just on Tuesdays!):

Hugs and kisses from George
A good book
A fire in the fireplace
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
A handwritten letter in the mailbox
A good run outdoors
Running a personal best time at a road race
Being in the mountains
The smell of cinnamon-apple cider simmering on the stove

Okay, so what makes your list of 10 simple things that make you happy?


Waterfall said...

Wow ... I would list the same 10 things, only George is the name of my piano. He does get hugged occasionally, though.

Ginny said...

Hi Leslie,
Your post has sparked quite the listing at 30THREADS. Here's my 10 list:

Ten simple things that make Ginny happy? Let’s give this a go. In no particular order:
1. Good coffee (none of that Folgers stuff) with cream and Splenda.
2. Random Acts of Kindness (both given and received). An easy one is leaving your change in the vending machine for the next guy.
3. Snail mail (letters and cards from friends and family, again both given and received).
4. Exploring a city (any city) by myself.
5. Clothes/shoe shopping (Endorphins kick in when I’m around pretty clothes. It helps to have extra cash to buy them).
6. The Sunday New York Times (print edition).
7. Chatting with my 13-year-old sister about the stuff that’s important to her (my life was so much simpler at that age).
8. Capturing an awesome moment in time with my camera
9. My kitties.
10. Sincerity.

Lesley said...

@waterfall Is your piano named after Gershwin, by chance? :)

@Ginny, thanks for letting me know about the 30Threads thread! It's been fun reading others' lists and thinking, "Oooh, good one!"