Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Weekend Trip to Delaware

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a weekend adventure--a nice change of scenery, as well as something to reset the brain. Work has been good but challenging, and my sister and I have been planning our father's graveside service and interment of ashes. All important stuff, but I needed a break. I thought about it, and made a hotel reservation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Why Rehoboth Beach? First of all, a beach location sounded great! Next, I've never been to Delaware. And it was driveable. Another big lure for me--finding a geocache in a "new" state!

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
My boyfriend had planned to join me, but wasn't feeling well late last week. So, with his blessing, I got up early on Saturday morning and headed north toward Delaware! Between home and Reboboth Beach was a big bridge-tunnel that I was a little nervous about, but looked to save me some travel time. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is 17.6 miles long. I thought I'd be nervous about it, but once I got started, it was really nice! Each side of the bridge (north and south-bound) was two-lane, with plenty of room. The two tunnels were one-lane each way, and little more nerve-wracking for me at first. By the time I came through south-bound, though, the tunnels were a breeze! Whew! The views of the Chesapeake Bay from the bridge were lovely, to boot.

Old Northampton, VA, Courthouse, Eastville
On the way up, I found a geocache in the pretty little town of Eastville, Virginia. The cache was located in the area of the old Northampton County, Virginia, courthouse.

Once in Rehoboth Beach,  I checked into my hotel, found my first Delaware geocache (yay!), then went to dinner at the Pickled Pig Pub (cute name award!). Back at the hotel, I hit the sack early.

Sunday (Easter) morning, I got up early, and decided I couldn't leave without seeing the Atlantic Ocean and the famous Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk. I drove there after checking out of the hotel, and arrived about 7:30 in the
Korean Noodle Stirfry at the Pickled Pig
morning. It was so pretty and peaceful, it was a perfect thing to do! I'm so glad I made the effort.

Afterward, I found another geocache nearby, and then headed toward home.Along the way, I found two geocaches in Maryland and another in Virginia.

This trip was just what I needed, some much needed time away, with the challenge of geocaching. That being said, I was very
glad to get home, which was a good sign!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Planning a Graveside Service

My sister and I have been planning our dad's graveside service for our dad, who passed away in January 2018. The planning has been draining, but also cathartic. I'm mostly excited about visiting with the people who are coming. My aunt from England wins the "farthest distance" award, and I can't wait to visit with her! After my dad's memorial service in January 2018, we had a visitation at the house, and that was definitely my favorite part. So here's to bringing family and friends together!