Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend plans

Mom dropped off 2 extra tickets to the Duke-UVA football game that she and Dad won't be using tomorrow. I'd planned to stay close to home and clean tomorrow, but going to the game, for a while anyway, sounds like a nice way to spend part of the afternoon. The weather forecast looks great! Dad says that while the University of Virginia is expected to win, the spread is only 6 points, so we'll see how Duke does.

George and I will probably explore apartments in the area Sunday afternoon, after going to church at ERUUF in the morning.

Meanwhile, I need to continue working on my own apartment. I'm on a mission to clear the clutter, seen and unseen. (I must include clutter in the closets and drawers....that counts too! If I have to pack or toss it come next June when I move, I'm wanting to get a head start on it now.)

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