Monday, August 27, 2018

Making Progress in the Kitchen

I made some cleaning progress this weekend, but it was mostly in the kitchen pantry and cabinets, where guests don't always look (at least not if I can help it!!). But I know the progress, and that helps a lot! (I was surprised to find as much expired stuff as I did! Ick!)

I'm still unpacking from my recent trip to Alabama, but I did manage to put all my clean laundry away, and that's progress too! (Lately, I've been pulling clothes out of my clean clothes basket to wear each day, I'm trying to be better organized before work in the morning AND take better care of my clothes.)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Cleaning Out Closets

Last week, my sister and I met at our parents' house for the better part of a week to work on cleaning out closets, cabinets, drawers, and what not. Our mom is still living, but we decided to start the challenging task of weeding. There's so much stuff, and we processed a lot of emotions while doing this. We left determined to start the decluttering process on our own homes, while we're still able. I'm trying to back some progress most every day, even if it's going through a stack of junk mail and tossing or shredding everything I can.

My Dad in College
One of my favorite discoveries last week was this photo of Dad from his college days. He played football in college, and I guess that was his varsity letter. We think the photo was taken in front of his home. I was delighted to find this picture, but it made me miss him even more. He'd probably forgotten this picture, which we found in the "Christmas closet." Who knew?!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Going to the Dentist

I had a checkup and teeth cleaning at the dentist yesterday. Most folks dread going to the dentist, I think, but I enjoy going to mine. She's very good and so nice, so I always enjoy catching up with her. I had a new-to-me hygienist, but she did a good job, and was chatty (in a good way). I always choose the cinnamon flavored tooth polish. What's your flavor of choice?