Sunday, September 10, 2006

Apartment hunting

This afternoon, George and I went to babdy Talia's first birthday party at Phil and Heather's house. I took my lunch with me, though I missed eating Heather's yummy spread. I want to be able to eat like normal people, but I guess I'm going to have to redefine normal for me. I know that yummy, healthy foods are out there.

On the way home, George and I stopped and looked at a couple of apartment complexes. It was an interesting experience. We liked both places, but we liked the first one the best. It has a better fitness room, a nice balcony, fireplaces in 2nd and 3rd floor apartments, and cheaper rent. Both are in the Research Triangle Park area, one with a Morrisville address (the 1st one we liked better) and the other with a Raleigh address. We will continue looking.

George and I are going to work out soon (this evening). I gained a tenth of a pound according to the scales this morning, so I'm going for a loss in the morning. So far, I'm down 24.1 lbs, looking forward to hitting the 25 lb. mark.

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