Monday, September 18, 2006


I decided to pick a pro football team and try to learn more about football. In college football, I pull for Duke, but they've won few games in recent years. I will always pull for them, as long as they have a clean program, but....I decided to broaden my football horizons a bit! So, I picked the closest professional team to me, the Carolina Panthers. I watched part of their TV game yesterday afternoon. Just like the Duke Blue Devils, they have yet to post a win this season. :-( The Panthers have been a decent team in recent years, so I'm hopeful they'll turn things around. )

I have loved football season for as long as I remember. I love being outdoors on a crisp fall afternoon cheering for my favorite team! I used to enjoy the occasional tailgating, but will be on the lookout for healther food choices in the future.

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