Monday, May 12, 2008

Cleaning out the Pantry (and the Freezer...and the Regrigerator)

After glancing over my grocery store purchases of the past few weeks, I've decided to try to minimize my trips to the grocery store for the next two weeks, purchasing only things I run out of and must replace. I've discovered I've become a little hoarder of sorts with the food and beverage items I prefer, so now I have several bags of rice for example. I stocked up on canned pineapple over the weekend as well. Lots of it! (Okay, so I love pineapple.) I also bought a bottle of ground cinnamon, thinking I was about to run out, but it turns out I already had a spare bottle in the cabinet. (Of course, that's what I get for not checking before I left home!) Now, a bottle of cinamon is less than $3, and I will use it in time, but I didn't need it now. Purchases like that add up.

I'd like to become more mindful of my food shopping like I'm becoming more mindful of my eating.

I'll post an update later.

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