Monday, May 26, 2008

Clean(er) Closet

I got on a big roll this afternoon and started weeding out clothes from my closet. At first, I thought I'd just add to a pile I'd already started, but the pile grew into a mountain! Wow! Some of the clothes, all too big for me now, were easy to discard, but other pieces were harder to give up, for various reasons. I piled everything into 5 large trash bags, and loaded them into the car with George's help. Then I took the bags immediately to the nearby Goodwill store.

My closet looks so much better now, not as good as this closet (not mine)on the left, but better than before.


Susan Mo said...

I was almost extremely jealous of you - I did think that was your closet!

I really need to do a closet cleaning, too. Right now, I just take the stuff I don't want and throw it in the guest room closet. It's horrible!! I now need to clean out the guest room closet AND my closet!

Lesley said...

Boy, I wish that were my closet, for sure! :) Maybe someday!

Tinsie said...

Awwww I thought this was your closet at first and was soooo impressed :-)

Still, well done on getting rid of all the unwanted clothes. It's a start!

CrystalD said...

Lesley, your site is one of my favorite Durham blogs! I was pleasantly surprised to find out we were at the same picnic (I go to ERUUF)

Also wanted to congratulate you on your recent closet purge! I'm a big fan of organizing and proponent of the "own only what you need" philosophy.

Have a great weekend!

Crystal D. (Durham, NC)
Sparkleizer and Home Organization Expert