Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What I've Learned (So Far) From Cleaning Out the Pantry (and the Freezer...and the Refrigerator)

Well, I'm into my third day in a row of not going to the grocery store for more food, cleaning supplies, or toiletries. I've discovered several food items that I'd bought to try, but they'd been pushed to the back by the foods I've gotten into the habit of eating. For instance, I'd bought several cans of Eden canned beans, as they are organic and don't have any added salt. I've eaten them for several meals this week, often added to my rice, and I've really enjoyed them.

I've also enjoyed some fresh squash from the Duke Farmers Market that I had in the refrigerator, though I had to toss a tomato from a previous DFM visit that had gone bad. Blah, I don't want to keep doing that! (I love tomotoes and can't believe I let a fresh one go bad!)

It's been nice going straight home after work, too, though I have been staying later at work, so I haven't been getting home any faster. Although the grocery store I frequent most is right across the street from my apartment complex, so it's not out of the way, I suppose I'm saving a little gas, and some extra cranks of the ignition.


Susan Mo said...

I have the same problem! I never think there is any food in the house, so I go to the store every week and buy more stuff. What is worse in our house is that we have a chest freezer in the garage. We have a lot of different things in there, and I never remember it. I was shocked to see how many packages of chicken I have in the freezer.

I need to take this hint from you and do the same thing at my place!

Amy said...

I was just thinking about that kind of thing in my pantry! I'm gonna give this a try :) Since I'm on the running bench, I might as well be productive at something else, right?!?!

Tinsie said...

I need to sort through my cupboards too. It's my next big job. I'm sure I'll find lots of foodstuff I never knew I had in the house!

Lesley said...

I finally went to the store today, Sunday, for the first time since last Sunday. Can't believe I made it a whole week! It made a difference in my shopping today. I KNEW what I needed and what I didn't.