Friday, May 09, 2008

Holy Cow!

I had the "Today Show" on this morning as I got ready for work, and they had the Duggar family on with their 17 children! During the interview, the parents announced that # 18 is on the way--holy cow! I've seen segments about the family on the Discovery Health Channel, and it is fascinating to see how they run the household, homeschooling all of the children. (Not sure what the 20-year-old oldest child is up to, school-wise.) In addition to helping maintain the home, each child seems to have hobbies, and all of them learn how to play the piano and the violin. I was fascinated by all of that.

In sports news, an 8th grader has been offered a basketball scholarship (once he graduates from high school) to the University of Kentucky. Part of me thinks, "Holy cow! That's so young to commit to a school and a basketball program!" On the other hand, he's got a goal in hand that should really give him some focus through high school--not a bad thing!

In personal news, tomorrow's my first training run with the Galloway training group. I'm very excited, but a little nervous too. I'm wondering how things will be organized, and if I can keep up with my pace group. When I think about being able to run a half or full marathon come November, I think, "Holy cow!" again! :-)

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Tinsie said...

18 kids sounds like 14-15 two many, but hey, if they can pull it off, who am I to judge? Good luck to them, that's what I say :-)