Saturday, November 24, 2007

Snuggle Socks

Last night I made my way to a couple of stores, Dick's Sporting Goods and Barnes and Noble. At Dick's I was looking for some leggings for cold weather running, and a long sleeve t-shirt or two. I was reminded that they're a little on the expensive side, so I stuck with the leggings, which, at $50 (wow!), and a pair of snuggle socks! I found the snuggle socks in the Life is Good section, where I drooled over the long and short sleeve t-shirts. I was delighted to find that the XL fit me with room to spare, then I remembered that Mom told me they run a little big. Now I wish I'd tried on the short sleeve Life is Good tee that had "Gotta Run" and a pair of worn sneakers on the front, plus the Life is Good Face on the back. The Life is Good t-shirts are all $25 a piece there.

I wore the snuggle socks last night, and they kept my feet very warm, so life is good, indeed.

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