Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Duke Football

I know, I know, the words Duke and football have a much different meaning to most folks than, say, Duke and basketball. Still, I enjoy rooting for the football team as well. I've been a lifelong Duke football fan, in fact. Even before I became a Duke basketball fan, I was pulling for the football team. What's even more surprising is that I grew up in Alabama--SEC Country, close to both Auburn and the University of Alabama! The reason for this craziness is that my dad played football for Duke, so I grew up hearing football stories, and even going to some games, as my sister came to Duke, and I followed a few years later. I continue to follow the team, and usually attend at least one game a year. Part of it is that I love fall weather and an excuse to be outside, doing something social. I'm also an eternal optimist--yes, my glass is usually half full! I keep hoping things will turn around for the Duke football team, which has just one win (out of 10 games) so far this year.

Well, I was just checking this week's football rankings. Duke is #86, and this week's worthy opponent, Notre Dame (also 1-9 for the season), happens to be ranked #88! On paper, it should be a close game! Wish the game were going to be in Durham, but it'll be in South Bend. I'll be crossing my fingers!

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