Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween (a day late)!

Even with work and a busy evening, I had a nice Halloween! This is my second Halloween on the Rice Diet, so sweets are off limits, of course. I decided to pass on yesterday's annual library-wide Halloween lunch, which included pizza and homemade desserts this year. It sounded wonderful, but I decided to forego the temptations! Last night, though, I went to the library on East Campus to hear Reynolds Price tell his Halloween tales, and it was charming, as always! He has such a wonderful, melodious voice, and a good sense of humor, to boot.

Afterward, I stopped by to see one of my nieces, LLJ, who's a freshman at Duke, and lives near library I visited last night. We had a good visit before her night out on the town in Chapel Hill, which has a big bash on Franklin St. every Halloween. She shared a cute story from earlier yesterday! She and a friend decided to dress up as ghosts for their big Econ. lecture yesterday. They went to class early and put their bookbags in seats in the middle of the lecture hall, then slipped out to don their sheets, which they cut holes in for their eyes and mouth. Only catch was, they accidentally bought bottom sheets, so the bottoms of their sheets were curling under and poofy! They glided back into the lecture hall just as the class was about to start, now with a full room of people! Now, with their sheets on, no one knew who they were, but with the sheet bottoms acting as they do sometimes, elastic and all, they kept getting hung up on chairs and knees and stuff as they made their way to their seats. Afterward, LLJ says, other friends from the class were saying, "Who were those two people dressed up as ghosts?" LLJ and her friend shrugged their shoulders, "I don't know!" Cute!

I didn't get home until after 8:00, and we didn't have any trick-or-treaters, but I didn't expect any, really. I didn't even buy any candy.

How did YOU celebrate Halloween?!

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