Friday, November 23, 2007


George and I joined his family for Thanksgiving dinner at the Washington Duke Inn last evening, and it was wonderful! I was able to eat well without overdoing it, between the salad bar (including yummy salads and fresh fruit), some green beans and mahi mahi, and some more fruit for dessert. The layout of the dining room was well thought out, with salad bars on each side, and the hot food bar down the middle of the room, with the carving area (turkey, roast beef, etc.) in the back of the room (or the front of the room, depending on your perspective, I guess!). The desserts were in a totally different area, which, personally, I REALLY appreciated! :)

Best of all, though, I enjoyed the company last evening. It was so nice to catch up with George's family last night. Icing on the cake: I sat next to a family friend, Mrs. W., who's actually a retired pediatrician, in her 90s. She is still so incredibly sharp, and I love, love, love talking with her! We talked politics, the environment, family, my diet, all kinds of things. She's such an inspiration to me, and I'm always glad to see her at family affairs!

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