Friday, August 25, 2006

Sense of Adventure

An acquantaince of mine, Debbie, is on her way to China to teach English. I'm so impressed with her for taking the chance and moving to a country with a different culture, especially one where she doesn't know the language herself.

Laura spent 6 weeks in Mexico this summer through a program called AMIGOS, and says she had a great time and improved her Spanish in the mean time. I'm proud of her for doing that. Both Debbie and Laura have really stepped out of their comfort zones, in my book, to have neat and adventurous experiences.

It's made me yearn to improve on my sense of adventure. With working so hard on my recovery lately, I'm feeling very responsible and punctual, and all that good stuff. My new routines have helped me get better, I know. Now, what can I do that's adventurous? What would make a good story? Certainly, being in the hospital was an adventure, but not one I was looking for. Being part of the Rice Diet is an adventure, and a very good one, but it's driving a large part of my structured daily routine now. Hmmm......

Speaking of the Rice Diet, my food choices now are all vegan, and I've been thinking about continuing to be a vegan once I've stopped going to meals at the Rice House. Oh, how I love cheese, but it's been one of my downfalls. I've got a library book at home about becoming vegan, and some of the ethics involved. I'm looking forward to reading the book and learning more. It may give me more motivation to stick with the healthy eating, even though I don't really have an activist personality.

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peter chen said...

Sounds like you're got a really positive attitude about veganism: and taking the time to educate yourself before going over is really important - both in terms of getting a balanced diet, but also having the preparation to go the distance.
Cheese can be an issue for some people, there's a good book called the uncheese cookbook that can be helpful if its a dealbreaker, otherwise, my view is look at the positive new things, rather than what you leave behind.