Friday, July 07, 2006


George and I have been missing our Thursday night dose of the show, "ER." While we like the drama, some of our favorite characters have come and gone. (Part of it, though, is having the tradition of watching it together, talking and cuddling during the commercials, and winding down together.) Not sure when it's coming back on for the next season. Meanwhile, I've recently become intrigued by the show, "The 4400," a show George has liked but I wasn't interested in until recently. We taped it last Sunday night, and were hoping to watch it last night during our normal ER-viewing time of 10:00-11:00, but I was too sleepy. We're going to try again tonight.

George and I also have a tradition of going to the mountains for our weekend vacations. I would love to build some other traditions together. Easier said than done, with our busy schedules. I've been contemplating building more routines into my own life, more for efficiency than tradition. Having personal traditions could be a good thing, though.....something to think about.

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