Friday, October 03, 2008

Me? A Podcaster?

This afternoon I started pondering what it would take to put together a podcast. Things that came to mind included:

1) Something to talk about
2) Equipment (and how to work it)
3) A website for show notes
4) A home computer with internet access

I have the last two taken care of now, as I just created a placeholder for show notes here on Blogger, and I've got the computer with internet access up and running now.

The first two items on the list have given me more to think about, and research, and think about some more. It's fun to think about, but makes me a little nervous too. :) This feels like a good challenge, whether I get any listeners or not!

Stay tuned!


Bobby McDonald said...

Podcasting is certainly worth while. I work at a PR firm in Raleigh and we help create podcasts for our clients. It's another way to get the information out there as less people read traditional print.

Jenn Griffin said...

Lesley, good list! You will also want to have an intro and outro with music that plays at the beginning and end of each podcast, this helps to brand your show. You can use an inexpensive mic with your computer for recording and there is a lot of good podcasting software out there. Also think about how to get listeners via iTunes and other podcast listing sites. Let me know if I can help answer any questions!