Monday, October 06, 2008

Goals for the Week

I've decided to start something new, having goals for each week and posting them here. I'll also post my progress (or lack thereof), either along the way or at the end of the week.

My goals for this week:

1) Lose 2 lbs. (I'll start with my weigh-in this morning, and no, I'm not sharing!)

2) Get in bed by 11:00 each night through Friday. (I'm tired of complaining about being tired!)

3) Enter at least 5 new names into my genealogy database. (I have so much info to enter, and I want to get back into it.)

4) Finish at least one book. (I have so many books checked out of the library that my shelves are overflowing. I've started several of them and am ready for some closure.)

5) Run at least 21 miles this week. (Last week I dipped under 20 miles for the week, and want to catch back up.)


Queen Sarah said...

Good luck on your goals! I'm rooting for you, and I'll be interested in seeing how you do! It does help to be accountable. I've been thinking about starting a blog for my running journal for the same reason. It would be boring reading, but just the thought that someone might be reading it might be enough to get me out the door on some days!

The 2 lbs is kind of ambitious, but just remember that the value of having a goal is not necessarily in whether you achieve it or not (you might have water weight on any given week) but in the present change it fosters (eating healthily, etc.)

Lesley said...

Thanks for the comment! :) Yes, accountability can be a good thing, I decided.

I agree, 2 lbs is sort of ambitious for this week. I'd be happy with a 1 lb. loss for the week, but decided to stretch a little and see what happens.

pcrawford said...

I'm left impressed with your running goal... and feeling wildly inadequate with my 30 minutes of mild cardio 3 times/week.
21 miles in a week?! Girl, your goal should be to reward yourself with a hot fudge sundae! :-)

Lesley said...

My new best friend has suggested a hot fudge sundae as a reward, I like that! :D

Seriously, I hadn't really thought about the reward factor, and how that could play a part in this new little weekly-goals project of mine. Thanks, pcrawford, for bringing it up!