Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goals Revisited

Since George and I will be heading to Boone in the morning for a short vacation, I decided to go ahead and recap my goals for this past week.

This Past Week's Goals:
1) Cook one new recipe this week.

I tried some low-fat pumpkin bread (see previous post), but it didn't turn out very well. I decided not to take it to work, but George said it was okay, and ate some of it. Perhaps he was just being sweet. :)

2) Start my Control Journal notebook (see

I found the Control Journal I started a couple years ago, and tore out the outdated pages. I haven't gotten any farther than that.

3) Continue with reading, weight loss, genealogy, and getting-to-bed goals, as a habit takes about a month to take hold, I've heard.

I didn't finish a book this past week, but I made progress on the one I'm reading. I should get even more reading done this next week.

I'm up .8 of a pound since last Sunday, but I had a large weight loss last week. I was down for the previous week at this past Wednesday's Weight Watchers meeting. One thing I've learned is that weight loss is a fluid process, and requires persistance and patience. Sometimes the body reponds in quirky and unexpected ways. I'm continuing to log my foods and exercises in, which has been interesting and motivating, so perhaps that will show me some patterns in time.

I continued to get in bed by 11, but may need to do better than that if I continue my running ways after the City of Oaks Half Marathon a week from today.

I made some good progress on my genealogy database this past week, mostly in the cleanup catagory. Several months back, I accidentally merged someone else's gedcom file in with my own, and had a lot of database clean-up to do, including deleting duplicate people and editing all the occupations from the other file that ended up in location fields. (For example, someone who WAS a doctor looked like he/she had a practice IN Doctor.) Now the database is a lot more normal looking, and I feel like I can move forward without worrying about that clean-up anymore.

Since George and I will be on vacation this week, I won't make any goals except to have fun and relax!

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Queen Sarah said...

That is an especially wise insight about weight loss. It really does go up and down, so you have to think of the big picture.

I am really into pumpkin & squash this week. I bought a bunch of green pumpkin seeds and toasted them on a cookie sheet in the oven, and have been putting them in soups and salads. Yummy! That recipe does sound good, although the wheat flour does not. My daughter has been baking cookies with wheat flour, and I think it hurts the taste. I think we should let cookies be cookies, and just use white flour. But I wonder if it would work to add some wheat germ? That would raise the nutritional value, but maybe not affect the taste. I have not tried it, but I wonder? Even sprinkling some toasted wheat germ on the top of the goodies...

I should make a goal to try a new recipe every week too. That is such a great idea.