Monday, October 13, 2008

Goals for the Week (and How I Did Last Week)

Goals for this week:

1) Check out and see if I can buy into (Bigger goal here: become more organized)

2) Get in bed by 11:00 every night (Trying to establish a habit here.)

3) Finish at least one book (Trying to form a habit here too, and also working on decreasing the number of library books I have stacked up in my home office! )

4) Plan mountain vacation with George

5) Lose 1.3 lb. this week (See last week's goals below to explain the oddball number!)

6) Add at least 5 names to my genealogy database (Again, another habit former. I had fun with this one last week! Bigger goals here: maybe putting a family tree book together or one or more lines, maybe joining DAR)

Last week's goals:

1) Lose 2 lbs. Well, if this didn't backfire! I actually gained 1.2 lbs this past week! Yikes!

2) Get in bed by 11:00 each night through Friday. This was a success! The lastest I got to bed was 11:01 one night. I noticed a difference in how I felt at work.

3) Enter at least 5 new names into my genealogy database. I ended up entering 30-40 names between a couple of different lines, and did some database clean-up along the way.

4) Finish at least one book. I ended up finishing two books, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, by Haruki Murakami, and Death in North Carolina's Piedmont: Tales of Murder, Suicide, and Causes Unknown, by Frances H. Casstevens.

I enjoyed the running book a lot, especially since the author is a distance runner, and he wrote from personal experience. He also made some interesting connections between running and his work as a novelist.

Death in North Carolina's Piedmont was is a collection of true and locally "famous" stories of deaths in the North Carolina Piedmont region. The two people I'd heard of before were Tom Dula, who was originally from Wilkes County, where I have relatives, and Z. Smith Reynolds, who was from Winston-Salem, where I used to work. I especially enjoyed the story about Smith Reynolds, as I'd heard he'd died under suspicious circumstances, but I'd never learned how.

5) Run at least 21 miles this week. I ended up running 26.02 miles last week, and am a little tired. I'll probably scale it back a bit this week.


Susan Mo said...

I like your goals. I need to get to bed earlier and read more. It will be too tough this week - there is way too much going on!! I hope to get to bed early tonight, but it will depends on the Hurricanes. If they finish in regulation, I should be home around 10:00pm! GO CANES!!

SuperDave said...

26 miles last week, great!
I'll have to give the Murakami book a go-look.

Queen Sarah said...

I'll keep my eyes open for the running book! You did well on your goals ~ weight loss goals are tricky, because there are so many factors out of one's control.

I knew Flylady before she was famous! She helped start a "mentoring" program on the SHE website, and I was an active member there at the time ~ in fact, I was one of her original 12 "ment-ees." I got to meet her when we had a convention in Cleveland. Fun lady!