Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trip to Trader Joe's

I visited the new Trader Joe's in Chapel Hill for the first time this evening, and had a fun time! I got some produce, including brussel sprouts and red peppers, two of my faves of late. I was happy to find some no-sodium whole wheat bread (haven't tasted it yet), some low-sodium marinara sauce, and Diet Hansen's soft drinks! Hansen's, like Diet Rite sodas, don't have any sodium, as well as the usual 0 calories, and they come in lots of flavors. I've got some diet ginger ale cooling in the refrigerator. :-)

The only thing that surprised me was that I didn't see any regular brown rice! I saw brown jasmine, brown basmati, and various medleys, as well as white, but couldn't spot a big bag of brown rice! Perhaps I'll ask an employee next time.

I do think the Cary store is bigger, so it may have more options. The time I visited that store, while I was still eating at the Rice Diet Program, I bought some shaving cream that was yummy! I looked for the shaving cream at the Chapel Hill store last night, but didn't see any.

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