Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm getting ready to run another 5K race this afternoon, this one in Raleigh. 2PM start times are unusual on the 5K circuit, but I don't mind, being a pretty nippy morning. I'm a little out of sorts, though, changing my eating schedule a bit. I need to be fueled, but don't want to have to make a pit stip in the middle of the race. (There usually aren't any pit stops in the middle of a 3.1 mile race, which is part of the problem!

Yesterday afternoon I went to Cary to pick up my race packet at the sporting goods store that's one of the sponsors of the race. While I was there, I bought some high-tech running socks that are supposed to keep your feet dryer, as well as some gloves, which are supposed to keep your hands warmer! (I just noticed that my toes got in the lower right corner of the pictures! Oops!)

Inside the race packet/bag were several info sheets for upcoming races, was well as my bib number and the race t-shirt, which is long sleeved-yay! It's a pretty cute t-shirt.
I'm excited about today's race, but wish I hadn't gone 5 miles with the new group yesterday. I am sore! It was such a nice morning in a new setting for me (Shelley Lake in Raleigh), and it was fun to meet some nice "new" people to run with, that I just couldn't bring myself to turn around at the 2 mile point to make it a 4-mile run (which would've been MORE than enough for the day before a race)! Oh well, I'm going to take a hot bath (and some more ibuprofen) this morning, and make the best of the afternoon race.

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Susan Mo said...

Good for you - running all of these races! Be careful (please!) not to over do it. You really can run too much and hurt your body.

I agree about the long sleeve T's - I love mine from the Jingle Bell Run.

You are going to kick my butt at Coach Bubba!!