Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Learning better nutrition

This afternoon, I have an appointment with a Registered Dietician. The appointment was made before I started the Rice Diet, but I decided to go ahead and keep the appointment. Things I've read about diabetic health care suggest including a nutritionist or dietician on your health care team. Eventhough I know what I'm eating for the forseeable future, I'd like to meet with a dietician and see what it's like. It would be nice to develop a professional relationship with someone who can give good nutritional advice.

I was just looking at the American Dietetic Association website, and it's can be challenging to go through an accredited dietetic program in college, at least for the science-challenged like me! Several science courses required, not surprising. In a way I wish I could do it, though, take the courses and all. I've become much more interested in the chemistry of food and how it affects the body and health, since landing in the hospital back in July. Thankfully, the internet has lots of information, but that can also be a bad thing!

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