Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend activities

Saturday night, George and I went to the Varsity Theatre in Chapel Hill, and saw the movie, "The Science of Sleep." I didn't recognize any of the actors, but it was nice to see some fresh faces. It was an interesting movie, not one I'd see again, but glad I saw it once. And it was a nice date night with George.

Most of the rest of the weekend, I exercised and relaxed. On Saturday I exercised twice, and overdid it a bit. Did lighter workouts yesterday and this morning to let my muscles catch up a little.

George and I enjoyed some down time together as well. With a busy week ahead, it was nice to chill out together.

Last evening I rented and watched "The Pelican Brief." It's one of my favorite repeat movies. I like the Denzel Washington-Julia Roberts combo, the scenes of New Orleans, and the fact that it's a John Grisham story. I haven't kept up with Grisham's later works, but I really enjoyed his earlier books.

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