Monday, April 06, 2009


Every so often, the whole patience lesson comes up to show me a thing or two! For instance, the week after I signed up for the Outer Banks Marathon, I got overexcited about training, and got injured. It's taken patience to take it a little easier, and to be creative about working out. As a result, I'm doing more strength training and stretching.

Over the weekend, George and I went to a couple of meetings at church, in addition to the regular service, in an effort to learn more about recent events going on at our church. I was hoping to learn all the facts over the course of the weekend, but that wasn't in the cards. I learned more, but not everything! I discovered that no one has all the answers, and it will take patience (among other things!) to sort through everything and figure out the way. Our covenant group had our regular meeting tonight, and while we talked about "the issues" briefly, most of the meeting was our normal topical discussion. I must admit, it was nice to take a mental break from the challenging issues of the weekend and funnel my brain power in a different direction. The people in our covenant group make for good company and stimulating conversation!

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