Friday, June 06, 2008

Getting Ready for Tomorrow

Last evening I finally made it to Fleet Feet in Carrboro before it closed at 7:00. I was glad to find they did indeed have a small water bottle that I can carry in my hand for long runs. (On my last long run, I tried a hydration belt with a bottle in the back, and it drove me nuts!) I also received my new wicking t-shirt in the mail a couple days ago (something I found on what they have on their website now!), so I'm hoping I'm ready for tomorrow's 8-mile run with the Galloway training group. I've never gone 8 miles on my own two feet, so I want to be ready (especially with the predicted heat!).

I enjoyed riding around Carrboro for the first time in quite a while. It reminded me of the summer I lived in Carrboro while going to summer school at UNC. I strained my brain to remember what was there 20+ years ago, and what's new. One place I saw that I want to return to is Weaver Street Market. Last evening they had a band playing out front and lots of people sitting in lawn chairs and on blankets, enjoying the music. (There were also a number of people hula hooping to the music!)

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Julia said...

good luck tomorrow lesley! sounds like you are ready to go. the wicking tshirt (think about a tank top next with this heat!) will definitely make a difference.

stay hydrated!! can't wait to hear how EIGHT MILES goes. you'll be great.