Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Today's been a happily social day! I enjoyed talking with my dad and mom most of all, but it's also been a social day in other ways.

George and I went to ERUUF this morning, and it was the first time there's just one service instead of two. This is our new summer schedule, and I went to coffee hour afterward in hopes of meeting some "new" (to me) people who normally attend the earlier service. I ended up meeting two guests, and that was a treat. Each person was interested in hearing about our covenant group program, so I enjoyed giving my two cents there.

Afterward, Amy and I met for lunch at Saladelia's, and George joined us after he finished up with coffee hour training. We ended up eating and talking for over two hours! While we were there, some Scrabble players came and set up in the back of the restaurant with some fancy twirling boards (like a Lazy Susan) and timers (at least I think that's what they were). It was fun to watch them from our table out of the corner of my eye (I was trying not to be rude to Amy and George!).

This evening we're meeting George's family for Father's Day dinner (plus Henry's birthday) at Biaggi's. I've never been there, so I'm looking forward to trying a new place.

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