Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Appointment

I had another physical therapy appointment this morning at Duke Sports Medicine for my strained muscle. It's getting better, thank goodness. I got some more stretches to try between now and my next appointment on Friday.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon about my broken nose. Since it's at Duke South, I'll be able to walk to the appointment, which helps a lot. I googled the doctor I'll be seeing, and found this interesting (to me) Q&A about him:

Q. Where did you go to med school? Undergraduate school?
A. University of Berlin and Munich, Germany

Q. How long have you been a Duke physician?
A. Since 2000 with a 1.5 year break to complete PhD thesis at the University of Heidelberg, Germany

Q. Where did you work prior to coming to Duke?
A. Attending Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon, University of Heidelberg Germany

Q. Have you received any awards or honors? Do you sit on any boards or journals? If so, please list them along with a brief description.
A. Reviewer for Plast Reconstr Surg since 2001
Invited Visiting Professor:The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto (Canada), Topic: “Noma – Reconstructive Opportunities” June 2001
Two-time participant in the Biomedical Sciences Exchange Program (DAAD sponsored) between Germany and the USA
Third place residents competition: Erdmann D., Zamboni W.A., Hussmann J., Bergman B.A., Cooper M.D., Smoot E.C., Russell R.C.: Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment improves the outcome of Streptococcal myositis in mice. Annual Scientific Meeting Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, June 1995, Palm Beach, Florida
Best poster award: Sundin B.M., Erdmann D., Moquin K.J., Young H., Georgiade G.S.: Vascular delay in unipedicled TRAM flap reconstruction of the breast: a review of 76 consecutive cases. 70th Annual Scientific Meeting American Society of Plastic Surgeons, November 2001, Orlando, Florida
Best paper award European Federation Societies Hand Therapy, Colditz J.C., Erdmann D., Levin L.S.: Lumbrical tightness: testing and stretching.Congress EFSHT, May 2002, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Best paper award American Society Hand Therapists, Colditz J.C., Erdmann D., Levin L.S.: Clinical implications of differential testing and stretching of the interosseous versus the lumbrical muscles of the hand.Annual meeting ASHT, September 2002, Ottawa, Canada
Best video award American Society Surgery Hand, Heitmann C., Erdmann D., Germann G., Levin L.S.: Intrinsic flaps of the hand: anatomical study, clinical applications.ASSH Annual meeting, October 2002, Phoenix, Arizona
Best scientific paper award World Society Reconstructive Microsurgery, Heitmann C., Khan R., Erdmann D., Levin L.S., Klitzman B.: Sutureless anastomosis of a vein graft using magnets.Kongress World Society Reconstructive Microsurgery, June 2003, Heidelberg

Q. What led you into the practice of aesthetic surgery (or the field in general)?
A. Basic and fundamental techniques of Plastic Surgery are applied in Aesthetic Surgery

Q. What are your areas of specialty and how have things changed since you entered the field?
A. All aspects of aesthetic surgery including liposuction and post-bariatric surgery (gastric bypass procedures); and general reconstructive surgery including microsurgery.

Q. Are you involved with any clinical trials or research studies? If so what are you examining?
A. ‘Engineering’ of new bone tissue (animal studies); outcome after repair of decubitus ulcers (pressure sores); bone grafts for spinal fusion, and others

Q. What is the focus of your current research?
A. Clinical outcome studies; ‘engineering' of bone tissue

Q. How will your research contribute to the field of medicine?
A. Improvement of current operative techniques and postoperative treatment; replacement of lost bone due to operative resection (e.g. after tumor removal) or trauma

Q. What are some things you’ve discovered during the course of your research?
A. Expression of ‘growth factors’ in tissue, many other

Q. In a couple sentences please describe what you love about your work.
A. The two most important things for me in life are (1) make other human beings happy and (2) be happy with yourself. My profession certainly helps me to achieve both every day.

Q. Do you have any special stories to tell about your experience as a physician?
A. I participated in several Interplast missions to third world countries providing plastic surgery to children and adults with severe congenital or acquired deformities of the face, trunk and extremities. I enjoy the happiness and gratefulness of the patients and I feel very lucky to live where I live and to be in an environment like Duke.

Q. What do you think sets Duke Aesthetic Center apart from other Aesthetic practices in the area?
A. One of the rare Academic Aesthetic Centers in the country, higher safety, profound training of surgeons

Q. Do you have any personal hobbies or interests that you would be willing to share?
A. I like sports like working-out, soccer, swimming, tennis; I like to spend time with my family and children; history and arts

OK, it's me again. I'm intrigued by the fact that one of his specialties is post-bariatric surgeries, since I've lost a lot of weight and will be losing more.

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