Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things I'd Take a Tourist to See in My Hometown

Although I live in Morrisville now, I'm still in Durham County, and I spend most of my days working in Durham, so I'll compile this list for Durham:

1) A Durham Bulls game
2) Duke Chapel
3) A Duke basketball game in Cameron
4) Nasher Museum of Art
5) Locopops
6) Sarah P. Duke Gardens
7) Eno River State Park
8) Magnolia Grill
9) North Carolina Museum of Life and Science
10) 9th Street

What would you include on your list of things to show a tourist in Durham, or wherever you live? Have I left something especially good off?


Ginny said...

Awesome suggestions, I would definitely take someone to all those places to get a good feel for Durham. I would also take them to the American Tobacco complex to wander around, the Farmer's Market if it were summer, get some pizza from Satisfactions, hang out on Ninth Street for a while, maybe check out some books at the Regulator. Hmmm. The possibilities are endless. I love Durham.

Durham Bull Pen said...

Wonderful suggestions all! I like this topic.

I'd also add:

film or concert at The Carolina Theatre

a hike at Penny's Bend (which could come under the "Eno River State Park" suggestion)

Bennett Place


rowboat at Lake Michie (do they still rent those?)

I would also add a drive-in movie at Starlite, but they are now closed I think :(