Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Heard on NPR: Harriet the Spy

This morning I listened to a delightful NPR podcast, the "Story of the Day" from yesterday, about Harriet the Spy, a very cute book written by Louise Fitzhugh and published in 1964. If you have a few minutes to listen, check it the podcast here.

When I read the book as a kid in the '70s, I remember thinking Harriet was cool (partly because I wanted to be a writer too), gutsy, confident, and real. I wished I had a friend like Harriet.

I never saw the 1996 Nickelodeon movie--did you?

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Lenore said...

I saw the movie a little over a year ago. I thought it was well done, but I hadn't read the book in 25 years, so I wasn't able to see how or if it strayed from the original plot.