Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Small World

Tonight was a long one--but a good one!

I finally left work around 7, after getting a second wind and getting a lot done. When I got to the car, I realized that I'd left my iPod back at my desk, AND that one of my tires was going flat! Yikes! I drove carefully and slowly to the back of the library, and was able to retrieve my iPod. Then I called Southpoint Honda, who said they could fit me in, but it might take a couple of hours. Eeekk! One my way to the Honda dealership, I stopped at Sam's Club, as I remembered they sell tires, so I thought they might check mine out and maybe fix it. But the bay doors were closed at Sam's Club, so I drove around to the discount tire place across the parking lot, but they were closed as well. I headed on to Southpoint Honda, and made myself at home in the lounge.

About an hour and a half later, I learned that they couldn't find a leak anywhere, so they just put some air in the tire and sent me on my way. It was a little frustrating spending an hour and a half AFTER work at the car dealership, but I feel like they did a thorough job of trying to find a leak, AND they didn't charge me anything. It felt like a small town gesture.

I left the dealership at 9:30 tonight, and decided to stop by the grocery store. Inside, I passed a lady and we stopped and looked at each other. We pointed at each other in a "Where do I know you?" sort of way. We laughed and started trading work places, schools, etc. We just couldn't think of it, so we went on to separate sections of the store. It finally hit me in the soft drink aisle that I knew her from my days as a Mary Kay Consultant! I raced back over, saw her over by the red grapes, and said, "Mary Kay!" She lit up, and we had a really nice time catching up! We talked until we realized it was 10 PM and probably closing time. It turns out she shops at that grocery store often, so perhaps we'll run into each other again. I hope so!

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