Wednesday, October 07, 2009

First Marathon Complete!

I finished my first marathon, the Triple Lakes Race in Greensboro, NC, last Saturday. The race report is here.

I'm still a bit stiff, so I've signed up for a chair massage at work tomorrow, and am looking forward to that! My knee (which I FELL on) and my blisters are slower to heal than I'd like, but I do feel some improvement.

I'm beginning to feel like doing some of the things I've been neglecting during marathon training and initial recovery, like cleaning at home, sorting through mail, and other domestic things. I still can't stay awake very long to read in bed at night, as I'm still pretty bushed. My body's healing, though, I can feel it. My mind is also on the mend. It took me nearly 11 hours to finish the race, a long time on my legs, AND a long time by myself, where I get downright lonely--and bored out of my skull! The next marathon I'll be running, Outer Banks, is a bigger race, AND it allows headsets. Also, George has decided to run the Outer Banks Marathon with me! (Woohoo!)

I'm eager to recover quickly so I can finish training for the Outer Banks race, where I hope to clock a big improvement!


Susan Mo said...

Yeah, George! It is nice that you will have someone to run with during OBX. I am worried about that for Philly. It took up a long time to finish 23 miles the other day. It is exhausting and it can be so boring. Congratulations on your finish! It is good to have one under your belt. I hope it make OBX easier.

Tinsie said...

Congrats! Rather you than me ;-)