Sunday, December 02, 2007

NC Odyssey Project: Durham County

Where: Durham County, NC
When: November 30, 2007

Taking pictures of the Duke University campus is always a treat, but especially on Friday, the start of my new pet, the North Carolina Odyssey Project. Duke is Durham County's largest employer, with over 27,000 employees (larger than the town where I grew up!). Durham is Durham County's largest city, and is home to North Carolina Central University and Durham Technical Community College, as well as Duke. It's nickname is the City of Medicine, due to the top notch medical facilities in the area. You'll also find cultural things to do here, including the Durham Bulls (of the movie "Bull Durham" fame) and the American Dance Festival, as well as many activities associated with the universities.

The picture above is of Duke Chapel on West Campus at Duke.

Here are a couple of pictures of West Campus.

Durham County is also home to the Research Triangle Park, known as RTP around here. According to the website, it's the largest research park in the nation, and is home to companies and agencies such as IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Nortel, and the EPA.
Gospel singer Shirley Caesar and author Clyde Edgerton were born in Durham.

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