Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Week That Was

It's not even the end of the week on the calendar, but this past week has been a busy, busy one!

Much of my free time has been taken up by an online class, Introduction to Computers, that I'm taking through Wake Technical Community College, called Wake Tech for short. I thought this would be a pretty easy class, a good way to get my feet wet, to ease my transition back into juggling work and school. (I've been thinking about going for a Masters in Library Science for several years.) The class has turned out to be more challenging and time consuming than I expected! Of course, part of it is that I'm "just a little" competitive about grades and want to do well. Part of it is that I don't know as much about computers as I thought! Last weekend I had two online tests and a lab to do by Sunday night at midnight, and I had another deadline last night, the outline for my class project. I decided to do it on online career tests and how accurate (or not) they are. I had to choose three online career assessments out of the oodles of choices, take them, and find other sources as well, for the outline. I submitted it with about 30 minutes to spare last night. *sigh* This one class is wearing me out! :-P

George and I had our covenant group meeting Monday night in Chapel Hill. It goes from 7:15-9:15, so I go straight there from supper at the Rice House, and George goes straight from work. With chatting and stuff afterward, it's usually 10:00 before we get home, wind down and go to bed. It's more challenging now that I have this class going on. Studying is pretty much out those two nights of the month. It's a great group of people, though.

Meanwhile, I have a long to do list for the rest of the week, including some things for ERUUF, school, and home. And of course, continuing the Rice Diet is time consuming, but so worth it!

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