Thursday, April 12, 2007

A New Spiritual Practice

I've been thinking about ways to cultivate my spirituality as I find my way at ERUUF and in life in general, and a new spiritual practice fell into my lap about a month ago. As I've menioned before, I got an iPod for my last birthday, and I few weeks back I discovered a number of sermons from Duke Chapel on Yahoo Podcasts. I've enjoyed listening to the sermons by a variety of preachers (one of the nice things about Duke Chapel), and several of them have really spoken to me, given me some things to thing about. Today I found some sermons from the First Unitarian Society of Madison, the largest Unitarian-Universalist congregation in the US, on iTunes, so I loaded them, but haven't had time to listen to them yet.

I've found that listening to the sermons during my exercise routine can be an interesting spiritual exercise (depending on the sermon, of course!). Whether I'm on the elliptical machine or out walking, listening to the words is better than television, and the length (about 20 minutes on average) is just about right for my attention span, then I'm ready for some music or another podcast. But for those 20 minutes, I often become a little more in tune with my inner self, all while working on my outer self. It's an interesting feeling, for sure! It's a way to get fed spiritually, though, as I'm changing my physical eating habits. This is already helping me on my spiritual path

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wsgaskins said...

While I was looking to see if the search engines had indexed my new ERUUF podcast site, I came across your blog. As an 'experienced' podcast consumer, please check it out! I'd love to have your feedback to help make ERUUF podcasting better.

(Also available on iTunes if you search for ERUUF, now!)

- Scott Gaskins