Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Insights on Apartment Hunting

George and I have had an interesting time apartment hunting. In addition to learning our way around this side of the Triangle a little better, I also learned more about myself, George, and our relationship as a couple. It's been interesting, too, to see the different levels of customer service at the different complexes. Part of what sold me on the place we've chosen was the attentiveness, patience, and attitude of the front office staff. We applied at two places that never called us back. One place just cashed my application check yesterday, and we applied a week and a half ago! At the other place, the woman kept acting put (with a breathy "uhh"), and kept talking about how they may have a possible eviction so that a place could open up for us. At yet another place, the lady directed everything at George, at least until we straightened her out, tactfully but with straightforwardness,

At our new place, they were helpful all along the way, and called us in less than 24 hours to let us know we were approved. It's really nice knowing!

By the way, there's a Lowe's Foods nearby our new apartment complex that sells Red Raspberry Diet Rite! Yippee!! The grocery store near me doesn't have that flavor anymore, and I've missed it.

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