Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things I Would Buy....

I subscribed to a weekly meme called 10 on Tuesday, and this week's meme theme:

10 Things I'd Buy if I Had a Million Dollars
(in no particular order)

New car with GPS navigation system
Digital SLR camera
Apple computer (laptop?)
Windows computer as well
Round-the-world plane tix for George and me
Local house, with room for a stocked home gym and library
Vacation home on a lake in the mountains
Sessions with a foreign language teacher (not sure what language yet)
Sax, flute, oboe, or guitar lessons
New wardrobe

Okay, so what would YOU buy with a million dollars?

1 comment:

Susan Mo said...

A million Dollars?

1. Shoes - Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Prada
2. Handbags - Chanel, Hermes
3. First Class tickets to Europe
4. A Ferrari for Bill
5. A new bedroom set
6. A Diamond necklace
7. A Trainer
8. A sizable donation to the APS of Durham
9. Really good hockey tickets
10. Tons of treats for my dog

OK, well I might need more than a million dollars!! Might as well dream big.