Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer TV

Last night I had the TV on for longer than it's been on for most of the summer! I've thoroughly enjoyed using my time differently, but it was interesting to tune in. I was able to catch the final episode of America's Got Talent, which I haven't kept up since the first episode or so. Was glad to see the ventriloquist win the million dollar first prize--he was quite good! I also saw part of Jim Cary's new game show, The Power of 10, but wasn't inclined to keep watching. I was glad to see a commercial for the next installment of The Biggest Loser, which starts September 11! Yay! I've always enjoyed this show, though I've kinda grimaced at the name, since I've had a lot of weight to lose for so long. Now I can empathize more since I've actually lost a lot.

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