Monday, March 02, 2009

Another Snow Day!

I've delighted in having a snow day today, one that was called by
work, so I've enjoyed puttering at home and going to the gym a little later. It's been a good "mental health" day for me, especially after battling the cold last week, and being concerned about some issues going on at church.

I'd been wanting to take pictures, but had a dead battery pack in my new (Christmas present) digital camera. I went online to check into buying a new battery pack, and something made me find the original box, which had a battery recharger--yay! So here are some pictures from behing our apartment this morning.


Tinsie said...

Your photos look stunning. What a fab view! Wish I could have been there :-)

Has it all melted now?

Lesley said...

The snow's all gone, but it was beautiful while it lasted! The way it stuck to the tree trunks this time was rather fascinating to me, and quite pretty!